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Thank you for such a well written expose of the debacle the politariti in DC are attempting to visit upon us including our Congressman, Reverend Emanuel Cleaver, who has bravely taken the pledge that if the public option is dropped he will not vote for health care reform.

I have a reform idea for Cleaver. Since he is a big believer in government provided health care he must lead the way by only using Truman Medical with no special perks for all his needs. Good enough for us, good enough for Cleaver.

Thank you for compiling the specifics and making it comprehensible. The deceit used by our representatives to whitewash this plan for public consumption is striking. What are the odds that any amount of opposition to the plan will have an effect? Very little, I fear.

The insurance industry seems to be a big beneficiary of this plan. No surprise since they are one of the largest lobbies in Congress. No doubt insurance companies will immediately dump unprofitable cases on the public plan and in the absence of competition, raise premiums. I expect mine to skyrocket. Once again, thanks to Congress, the spoils will go to big business and Wall Street at the expense of small business and taxpayers. The effects to an economy already on life-support will likely be devastating.

"It's purpose is very clearly designed to end private insurance and move everyone in the country towards the public option"


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