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I'm getting just a bit tired of the 'pro-reform' crowd acting like nobody else should have any sort of say whatsoever - and their protestations that 'Well, of COURSE you can have your say, just do it in a respectful manner!" are about as false a bit of rhetoric as you can come up with.

It's all about silencing the opposition - they know they don't have anything good to sell, so the answer is to make sure nobody can raise objections to what they're trying to get everyone else to buy.

What really disturbs me about this is not that they mouthed off to the tea partiers that is par for the course, what bothers me is the whole camara and pictures thing it smacks of a pogrom, where they told to do that by anyone in the organizations they organize with/for? And if yes why? Is it for an upcoming intimidation campaign?

It would serve us well to remember that not all lefties are sad and pathetic misfits occupying the fringes of our society. Focusing on the loons might cause us to forget that many sober and seemingly clear-minded individuals support the President in his march to change this country in ways that would have seemed unimaginable at any other point in our history. The 'system' can take care of the kooks. It requires constant vigilance and the will to act to take on the rising tide of misinformed but calm individuals who think that it's the government's job to keep them fat and content.

I was at both Mehlvile and Hillsboro. Some very interesting discussions occurred unsupervised between members of both sides, after leaving the events. I think the Powers That Be are not too keen on that happening. And if it were not for all the cameras, Missouri would have been used to promote the politically motivated image, that the whole of the "fly over zone" are just racists, "clinging to their God, and their guns..."
Thank you John D. Podesta.....pffffttttt

We held a demonstration in front of the white house the other day in support of Kenneth Gladney. We managed to ask some white house officials why this isn’t being treated as a hate crime. Kenneth needs all the support he can get with all the flack being thrown at him.


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