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I was also there and thought it was a staged for media event.

How odd it was that those seats became available just as these poster ladies came in. It was just too perfect.

Who was the photographer who was helping her unroll her signs??

Liar or plant, it makes no difference. Her operation was a success, mission accomplished with a flair on national cable TV.

This is what we are going to have to learn to handle, to resist, but not be part of the story.

Your right, the guy should not have taken the sign, he should have just waited for the authorities to handle it. He made a staged event that much more than it should have been. I admit that I might have done the same thing, but we are going to have to learn that everything is on video now and the media is not on the conservative nor republican side.

Nor on the side of the truth.

Papa Ray
West Texas

She wants an invite to the White House Beer Garden.

You guys are so stupid... It does not matter why she had the poster or what she was doing with the poster... all that matters is that some bully attacked another human being. Now listening to what you are saying, or the message that you are conveying is that it is alright to attack another person if they do not agree with your belief... which is true Nazism

I noticed someone who looked like a still photographer (a young lady) setting up for a shot of Johnson, then walking over to Johnson as she began getting her poster ready to show... and then the guy comes up and takes the poster away.
Total, 100% set up.

This woman lied!

Has any one of credibility come forward to say they saw the n-word sign? I was there and I never saw it. There was a Hitler sign but that was outside the building.

Why did she have a Rosa Parks sign anyway? What did Rosa Parks have to do with the issues at hand?

I wonder why was the woman's friend applauding when the police escorted her out of the building? Was it because they succeeded it creating a youTube event? Was it because their mission was accomplished?

Someone has deliberately created racism where there was none. Your second video clearly shows that the man who grabbed the sign was escorted out the opposite door by police. Kiran Chetry stated twice that the man was arrested for attempted assault but she allowed the woman to spew her false allegations of racism for over six minute. Has CNN made any attempt to reveal the truth?

Some people take pleasure in causing racial conflict. WHY?
God have mercy on our nation.

I have two points. My first is that I think the guy that took the poster was a plant with her and it was all set up. Everything just went too smoothly.

My second point is that if he wasn't a plant what he did was wrong but to call it Nazism....that's pretty harsh, flame thrower.

If you would have immediately reported such a sign as the one from Detroit, why didn't you report the Obama = Hitler sign right outside the Hillsboro town hall? It was being carried by a guy standing right next to a guy with a St. Louis Tea Party sign.

Just sayin'.

There was a guy with a Hitler sign - it says Obama has the same healthcare plan as Hitler. It's annoying, it's over the top, but it's an attempt to draw attention to the roots of progressive policies, a topic covered in Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism.

But you know that's now what I was talking about. It's the n-word that is the explosive racial component, and that's the lie that is told. That's the story on CNN and MSNBC. Too bad it gets blown to bits tomorrow with full, unedited video not made by a self-professed viral video expert. Be on the lookout in the next day for the full video of Maxine Johnson and her expulsion, and while you're at it, consider doing some firsthand reporting rather than cutting and pasting information from a basic Google search of leftwing sites.


I was AT the McCaskill town hall doing first-hand reporting. I wore my press pass. Identifying me as a blogger. Did you?

You never answered my question. Why didn't you report the Hitler sign? What made this one different from the other? If this Hitler sign was not a plant, how can you possibly support your claim that the other one was?

So you saw the n-word sign? You support the contention that Maxine's daughter saw the sign? The same daughter who made the claim that Winfrey grabbed Maxine's wrist, twisted, and shoved her? I never said I would report the Hitler sign - I said I would confront someone holding a racist sign.

Where is that hotshot reporting? Your tweets cheering on Claire?

1) The Hitler sign plant that received national attention was a plant - it was carried by a Dingell supporter. This is what alerted us to the fact that HCAN was planting fake stories and getting them on the news.
2) HCAN SUPPORTERS have been plants at townhalls all across the country, including fake doctors.
3) My post isn't even talking about the Hitler sign - I'm talking about the claim that the n-word was displayed in a racist townhall, when we now know it wasn't racist, but instead a woman looking to create a disturbance. The woman who made the claim lied about the poster grabbing - could it be she's lying about a small sign taped to someone's chest? Do you think these four would have casually walked past someone with a sign like that? Would you have? Would the other hundreds of people near that have said nothing? Really? That's a quite a scoop for an investigative journalist. You should talk to Maxine's daughter and find out where she saw it exactly, and we'll go through photos and find it!
4) You were there, and yet you didn't speak out as Claire did that Peter Glickert and Maxine Johnson are injecting race into the townhalls, without telling the full story. Maxine Johnson marched in a processional displaying large signs that should have been confiscated, and yet the video that hit CNN and has hundreds of thousands of views turns out to be misleading.
5) Do you agree or disagree with the story Peter Glickert is selling? That is the question. Why try to change it to another sign?

Your views on this are well known, but your dishonesty is just now starting to surface. You believe we're all fakes, and yet can't bring yourself to admit how much astroturfing is actually taking place in these townhalls by people you associate with.

You've tried to link the St Louis Tea Party to some national organization funded by corporate interests. And now you're changing the subject, because you damn well know there was no n-word sign, and you also know Maxine should have been ejected.

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