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Your first point--that the organized protests at town halls are pretty much over--is very important. Several folks berated me publicly yesterday over this. Some believe that we should fill up and overwhelm every meeting we can.

I agree with you, not with them.

The Town Hall tactic was effective because it wasn't a tactic--it was an organic, authentic, spontaneous uprising against the machine of socialized medicine. It took the leftists almost a month to respond. IMO, opponents of ObamaCare should have stopped this tactic before the left responded since a punch that misses requires 3 times the energy of a punch that lands. Continuing to flood town halls in the St. Louis area would be, at this point, irresponsible and undisciplined. For us, town halls present high risk and low reward. Let's put our energy elsewhere as this post recommends.

Readers outside of the St. Louis area should consider whether or not they can gain significantly by going to a Congressional town hall. In some areas, the tactic will still bear fruit.

Finally, DO send videographers to town halls. How the left behaves when it thinks "the people" aren't watching is priceless. (Hint: they act like arrogant snobs and socialist buffoons. It makes great video.)

I went to McCaskill's town hall in Jefferson City tonight. Not much of a town hall with no mic for the audience and Claire just giving canned answers.

She did say at the end she suspected no one at the town hall voted for her or ever would vote for her so she at least can see that but the impression I got was she is going to do what she wants no matter how many protesters voice their opinion.

I did a write up on the event at my blog site.

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