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I believe this is worthy of forwarding to Glenn Beck.

dholder: so forward it, please.

Well, yes, ACORN has done some bad and stupid things. They need to be investigated and people need to be prosecuted if prosecutors have a case, which they more than likely will.

But I want to know why Glenn Beck and Republicans haven't pursued what happened to the $8 billion that just disappeared in Iraq. That's right, $8B was given to the CPA, under leadership of Paul Bremer, and was to be used to distribute to various Iraqi ministries for rebuilding. It just disappeared over a very short time frame. And, this is not counting other waste that probably happened in Iraq.

ACORN has been given some $53M over 15 years. Yes, there looks to be a lot of corruption there, but $53M over 15 years is significantly smaller than $8B over a very short period of time. Where was the outrage over this?

If Mr. Beck were to investigate this and help track down where that $8B went and perhaps help to find out who was responsible, maybe I'd start paying more attention to him.

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