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Even when they try to be "one of the people" they prove that they aren't "one of the people."

He ain't no Clint Eastwood or John Wayne!!

Betcha I could put 15 in the 9-ring in the time it took him to land three on the whole sheet.

Heck, betcha I could do that with my .25, which would mean two reloads.

Those are awfully big bullet holes for a 9mm or that is a really small target.

not ready for teotwawki

not feeling like a real american is shooting here

If he is pictured "dry firing" the gun, then that is good practice, and he can do it safely in his office without eye and ear protection.

I agree with others that three rounds doesn't make you a crack shot, and I'd like to know the distance. I'd certainly have more respect for him if it spent some real time at the range.

Cheesy publicity stunt? You bet.
But it's a picture of a Democrat holding a gun with trembling in fear or, presumably, wetting his pants.

RE: Mrs. P:

A wise man once said about soldiers, "You are not John Wayne. John Wayne is not John Wayne."

Hey, the first rule anyone should know on gun safety is keep your gun away from any Democrat.

For what it's worth, it looks to me like his right eye is open, but the shadow makes it seem closed...

But he still looks like a tool.

I'd go with completely made up. It looks like he's in an office or boardroom . . . with the flag behind him and the other background items. Typical lame PR stunt. BTW that's NOT a bullseye type target. He hit the center of mass NOT a bullseye. Just sayin'.

It's called a magazine, not a clip.

Well, I know that when I go to the range I fire 3 shots at a time.

It's called zeroing the weapon.

Probably doesn't apply to a handgun though.

Obligatory Photoshopped version: http://www.missourah.com/2010/02/21/carnahan-dukakis-2010/

The Photoshopped version is oh, so good! http://www.missourah.com/2010/02/21/carnahan-dukakis-2010/

I could be wrong, but it also appears as though the uniformed guys in that photo are not wearing ear/eye protection.

Thank you to all the firearm experts for the criticisms about safety. If any of you tools had read the story or checked the facts you would know that what the Congressman is holding is a activator for a crime scene simulator used in training police officers. It "shoots" a beam of light that scores the trainee on their reaction to a confrontation. No bullets, no report, no eye protection, no ear protection needed. The fact that you would even think that photo would be taken otherwise shows how naive and suggestible you. God help us all.

By the way, the reason the scoring graphic only shows three (3) bullet holes is because that is a training point (minimum effective impact) and all the program permits. Officers are not encouraged to empty their magazine into a perp or a target like on TV.

The Congressman supports local control of local resources and sponsored federal programs help to fund efforts like the academy and crime lab. That is what prompted the photo op.

@urban trekker

I read the story. Where did it say anything about an activator? And how would it do anything to a piece of paper if it was a beam of light?

"While he was there, Carnahan tested his own acuity with a firearm — stopping the paper suspect dead in its tracks. Using what appears to be a 9mm pistol, Carnahan landed three shots squarely in the center of the target, two of which were pretty close — if not right on — the bullseye."

Reminds me of the old photo of Mike Dukakis (in the tank with helmet).

#1 foam earplugs rock, although not as cool as double-bagging it indoors.
#3 i'm blind, i squint. Call a lawyer and sue me. Shoot bullets through me. I love you.
#4 I didn't like jeff cooper when he was alive, and even barring a remotely tripped camera shot, nobody is having a gun pointed at him. That angle wouldn't even freak me out chukar hunting with dick cheney.

I don't regret dumping the gun club i was in, the NRA yearly dues, or the gun culture in general. But i still love guns. And swords, if it were still socially acceptable to carry them. And who really cares if its 8s or Xs, outside of a bullseye league? Timed wins it, rapid loses it. I let my NRA membership lapse, as i couldn't care (and wasn't in the mood to write my senator and congressmen, as it hasn't mattered in the last 100 years).

And based on my "public" range experiences, even at 7 yards that target would put Jake Wagman at the 99th percentile of gun users. At 21 feet, the OG with eyes closed would miss 1 out of 5, with the 6th hitting the carrier and dropping the paper to the ground. I wish i could say i hadn't seen it, but i've shot at the range next to badges that were no better. And one of the fucktards put a bullet through his left palm practicing his draw, which put a major harsh on my day when the popo questioned me after a pig shot himself in the weak hand practicing for qualifications at a public range. I hate the gun culture, as its inbred. But thanks to that, i know nobody is looking after me. So i love guns. And thanks to blogs, i am completely confused as to if its irony.

1. Something doesn't look right about that barrel. It's hard to tell from the quality of the photo, but the hole looks too small to be a 9mm.

Until more information is available, "urban trekker"'s explanation about this being a simulator makes the most sense.

If that's the case, then the fault for the confusion lies with either the reporter, or the campaign press release.

(2) "Shooting a 9mm is easy. At seven yards, anyone can hit the target, "

See "kyle"'s statement above about the 99th percentile. I, too, have seen plenty of bad shooting.

And like kyle, I am pretty annoyed with the whole gun culture. And I say this as somebody who was very active in the gun rights movement during the Clinton years, and owns several dozen firearms (including 4 Beretta 92s, which is why the one in the picture looks wrong to me).

I'm a life member of the NRA, because it makes my gun club dues much cheaper, and being in the NRA is a requirement to compete in some matches. But I'm lucky that my gun club is actually a pleasant place to shoot, unlike many I have been to.

If my gun club didn't exist, I wouldn't bother joining another. It's as if most gun ranges go out of their way to make shooting an unpleasant experience, especially to the newbies we really need.

I believe that the gun culture, or gun club culture, is doing more harm to the gun rights movement than Sarah Brady and Charlie Schumer.

(3) For those of you in Carnahan's district, John Ross is considering running against him. See john-ross.net/congress.php . If you don't know who John Ross is, read his novel "Unintended Consequences."

It's a Magazine, not a darn "CLIP" !!

You destroy your image of supposed knowledge about firearms when you refer to a magazine as a "clip".

It disturbs me more that DOE has its own target. WTH!

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