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Funny how the leftie blogs continue to say Dana "lied" when in fact she was correct in pointing out that the prosecutor did not have the full medical records, not even the full emergency room records. Now that you have disclosed the rest of the information it makes perfect sense. Their leftist brand of word twisting to create the appearance of falsehoods when there weren't any and their continued drubbing out of their hatred for Dana is telling. Both Mrs. Loesch and you have nothing to apologize for. I wonder if now that the whole truth is out if they will go back, check their facts and quotes which they twisted and issue an apology as @karoli did to Andrew Breitbart. Something tells me they won't and neither you or Dana will receive your justice, but thanks to your hard work perhaps Kenneth Gladney finally will.

I'm constantly amazed at how the left twists words. Dana said she didn't have all the medical records and they twist it into saying she said they didn't have any medical records. From this piece I can see there is no distinction, if you don't have "all" the medical records then you do not have "the medical records." They are splitting hairs to try and make her out to be a liar. The left is so inconsistent in their litmus tests and so full of hate. This is good investigative work!

Good job, Jim. When is the trial scheduled? There are several of us who would love to see how St. Louis justice works. I was one of the group that met with Redington to demand she file charges. The woman's incompetence or bias is troubling.
Shine the light on these folks. This is a microcosm of what is going on nationally. We need justice for the individual and make the "collective" brotherhood of SEIU suffer the consequences of its reprehensbile behavior ordered by Obama...what kind of president makes speeches against fellow Americans to "hit back twice as hard?" The man is a thug and these St. Louis minions are his handymen. I wonder if Kenneth Gladney would be so eager to sell Obama pins any longer? It seems as if the "nasty teabaggers" are the only ones to come to his aid.

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