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Don't forget that, in the recent story about the Kansas City area man who had his trailer and home torched for a political sign, the local Democratic Party member quoted on KansasCity.com said the man had a right to free speech but some free speech might cross the line [which justifies arson].


Well, it is indeed a small world.

At the Jefferson College town meeting last August I had the "pleasure" of being seated next to this man (in the handicapped seats) and I was wondering who he was as he was not obviously handicapped and he was well dressed with an Obama tie.

Since then I have wondered who he was.
He debated me on the health care reform and could only rely on the "general welfare" clause to debate.

At the same time his "boss" was on stage stating "There is no way I will ever vote for this bill."

Now it has become perfectly clear.

It is really easy to take statements out of context. I noticed how everyone has honed in on the nazi reference, yet we can hardly hear a thing else the man had to say, because we had to SNEAK a video of him. I find it humorous, that the Tea-Party regime is so quick to attack the Dem's. There is a lot of fire and brimstone, and lynch mob mentally going on over on that side of the street!! I'll just quietly keep voting, and maybe, JUST maybe, someone sane will come along!

Brownshirts were agitators for an all powerful central state with fascism, i.e. the people 'getting in line' with the central government.

tea partiers are agitating for the opposite. Which is the constitutional government, of course, as opposed to the government which McCaskill seems to think would be 'best' for us.

As Sowell said, the crucial decision isn't 'what is best' for the country. It is WHO DECIDES what is best.

I think it is wrong for him to compare the protesters to the Brown shirts. Like Petra though, I do find it interesting and telling that this video was shot this way. Why be sneaky about it? Why not take it vertically? Is it because they didn't want the person speaking to know? It smacks of dishonesty.

Did Shawn actually read the first three paragraphs? For example "A Massachusetts campaign consultant working for the DNC shoves a conservative reporter." How about further down: "You can understand that many people might be fearful of being attacked in the modern political climate and so they record quietly from their cell phones rather than standing up and taking a punch." Typical "blame the victim" excuses.

I see the greatest dis-organized
organization since the introduction
of Aldoph Hitler.

To many simalarities to be comfortable.

I find it very interesting that a 1st term Senator has the brass nerve to tell the people,who, elected her to "go to hell" which is exactly what Mrs. McCaskill has done. By her own admission she voted for the Obama Health Care Bill even though a "MAJORITY" of her constituants were against it. This makes it clear that the people of Missouri will not have anything to do with the decisions she and her friends in Washington make. Then her Staffer Bob Burns is so stupid as to accuse American Taxpayers of being "BROWNSHIRTS". I can tell you I am not a BROWNSHIRT. I put 6 years in the United States Marine Corps and 35 years as a Police Officer in defense of the people of this country. I have just as much right to my opinion as do the people of Mr. Burns calibur. I think Mrs. McCaskill should be looking for a new Staffer. I don't think the people of Missouri are real happy with him or her. That along with her decision to do as she pleases does not make for much chance of re-election. Some people in Washington have made it clear that they could care less about the Constitution of the United States of America. They will make their own rules behind closed doors regardless of what the people say.

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