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All concerns in this article are quite valid. Where are the screaming left-pundits? Where are the "News Alert! Missouri Congressman's office firebombed in suspected Tea Party terrorist attack!" stories?
You are correct. In this case the silence is deafening.

I think you missed one motive for a firebombing of a political campaign office: intentional destruction - to destroy any evidence of anything that might be questionable in nature (like papers indicating donations or activity by less desirable types) or links to questionable groups (like ACORN).

That would also explain why the unexplained quiet....if the office didn't want to raise the red flag on such an attack, there must be a reason.

One early report in the PD said that people were seen that morning removing trash bags full of papers from the office. Why? That would be considered removing evidence from a crime scene..... Curious. Then, releasing the only suspect, after being arrested..... Raises a lot of red flags. No FBI? That should indicate that the Carnahan office/DNC is trying to keep this quiet. Why? This stinks waaaay too much.

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