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Jim –

You offered a thoughtful and, yes, civil response to the email I sent you regarding the October 3 event on civility. Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

The complete lead paragraph of the email I sent was this:

“In March, Americans protesting health-care legislation called Congressman Emanuel Cleaver a racial epithet as he walked into the Capitol. Around the same time, a USA TODAY poll reported that more than two-thirds said Americans “should be ashamed of the way elected officials acted” during the recent health care debate. The ugly clashes have brought a new focus to civility in public life. Does civility matter? Who wins and loses when the gloves come off? And when is incivility necessary?”

The lead referenced concerns about how both regular folks and elected leaders have behaved, rather than presenting the event as simply about that one incident. The issue of civility is, of course, much bigger.

Long before the incident at the health care protest, Congressman Cleaver had initiated activities designed to promote decorum and civility in the halls of Congress. Along with Congressman Cleaver, we are pleased to include other panelists, including Ronnie Metsker, chairman of the Johnson County Republican Party, Reed Chambers, chair of the Tea Party Missouri State Conference and Lana Oleen, former KS Senate Majority Leader.

Jim, in response to your direct question, while it is possible that the Congressman will be asked about different perspectives on what happened at the protest, it is absolutely certain that the panel discussion will mainly deal with the broader issue of civility in public life.

Thanks for sharing information about the panel discussion and for raising your concerns. And thanks again for the opportunity to respond.

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