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You and others keep referring to this as Dick Gephardt's seat. This seat has been occupied by a Democrat for 60 years! Last Republican served the 78th-80th Congress. Representative William C. Cole served from January 3, 1943 - January 3, 1949.


Have any of you seen a Russ Carnahan campaign sign? I guess not being they are $10 a pop. I have seen only one and it says, “Russ delivers for us.” What has Russ delivered? Russ has voted for all of the Obama agenda, Obamacare, the Stimulus, Cap and Trade etc. In doing so, I guess you could say Russ has delivered. The only thing is, he’s delivered Higher Taxes, More Regulation, and Higher Unemployment and if the Statists get their way Higher Energy Costs. Quite an accomplishment!
Greg Zotta
Republican Candidate for MO Senate 22

Ed Martin is making gains because he is a viable alternative;
1.he opposes senseless spending;
2. he will read a bill before voting on it;
3. he oppose earmarks;
4. he has common sense
5. Want less government is out life.

I just stumbled on this site and I'm not sure if it's a unabashedly conservative site, or it's just this article and posters. But I'd hate to hear the sour grapes from all of you guys now that Ed is challenging the results.

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