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To get more hippies to the polls?

So were you Alliance of Free Blogs or Axis of Naughty, old timer?

I was neither, but I was in the top 200 of the TTLB. And that's all you're getting out of me. Some things need to disappear off the internet, although I did have a great post about Superman being censored by Tom Daschle for acting unilaterally against the Kryptonians.

But nothing was funnier than your wife's quote that ended, "bork, bork, bork." Still makes me laugh.

Man. Those were the days. 500 uniques a day was big pimpin. SEO linkposts still worked, and there were only like two liberals - Atrios and Oliver Willis. Kos was an upstart still banning everyone but Tacitus, Den Beste was churning out greatness, and Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan were acceptable to reference in polite company.

When I worked for an Internet agency, it boasted employing one of the top 500 bloggers in the country.

I stayed neutral in the battle, although Mrs. N. was fitness officer or something in the Alliance.

Good times. I was. And I'll keep mum about Jim's earlier blogging days. :)

I agree, the language on this one stinks. Being the bleeding heart animal lover (welfare, not rights), I'm going to have to do some heavy reading on this one.

I cracked the top 400 for a couple of days. I think it was a picture of my legs.

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