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New Crystal Meth Law Bad Medicine
Unincorporated Jefferson County and the Missouri cities of Poplar Bluff, Washington and Union have enacted new laws where pharmacies, drug stores and stores that sell cold remedies that contain pseudoephedrine will have to keep them behind the counter. People will need a prescription to obtain these drugs. There is also a push for a statewide law to do the same thing.
Once again law abiding citizens will be punished because some government bureaucrat passes a law without thinking about the unintended consequences. Some of the unintended consequences are: loss of revenue to the municipalities that enact the law because people will shop elsewhere. People will need a prescription to obtain these drugs, which will cost time and money by having to make an appointment, go to the doctor, pay for the visit and then pick up the item. People may not want to go through the hassle of getting the medicine and may end up getting sicker because of it, necessitating a trip to the hospital. There will be an extra burden on the businesses by having to place the products behind the counter and check the prescriptions.
These politicians/ lawmakers in passing these laws are looking for the easy fix. Their logic possibly being, let’s make it difficult for these illegal drug makers to obtain the chemicals needed to make Crystal meth. There are other household chemicals that when mixed together can make other dangerous things such as bombs. Should there be a law to ban or restrict those household items? I say NO. This law should not be enacted for the aforementioned reasons. There are laws on the books to deal with illegal drug making. My suggestion, as a former police officer, would be to strenuously enforce those laws. Let’s go after the BAD GUYS.

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