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Then work with the MCC, who represents a LOT more of MO than the STL TP. I suggest the STL TP actually do something effective IN the city of St. Louis, before expanding. Failing to get Ed Martin elected is not the track record for expansion.

Kevin, if you can stop using STLTPC as a proxy for attacking individuals you disagree with, we would appreciate it. Gary volunteers his time to promote a Tea Party Caucus; sorry STLTPC decided not to pay your lucrative rates to promote such a thing.

I think the Caucus is a WONDERFUL idea. . and it looks like the legislators do too! Of those that I have spoken with personally, it seems there is great excitement over this.
This is a perfect example of the elected officials LISTENING to their constituents. THAT IS THEIR JOB.
This would also finally put an end to all of the ridiculous back-biting going on in JC.
21 out of 28? WOW! Way to go! Great measure of the success of our labor!

I suggest Kevin Jackson do something for the Tea Party other than his constant self-promotion, backbiting, and threats behind the scenes. He sells a nice conservative image to the public but behind the scenes he acts just like a progressive who discovered capitalism.

It's not wrong that Kevin Jackson's only concern with this movement is how much money he can make from it it's his liberal ideology and apparently expecting people in the grassroots to pay his way and his hostility and outright nastiness towards people when he doesn't get what he wants. It would be a shame to see Kevin turn on this new group they way he has on so many others. He better stop taking stupid potshots at groups that are effective. In case he hasn't noticed, we're in a WAR. In fact, what the hell has Kevin Jackson EVER DONE for grassroots? Organize anything? Spearhead anything? Go door to door? Petition? Phone bank? Lobby? NO. He uses events to sell badly written books and by all the rumors floating around, throws a fit when he doesn't get a check. Who the hell are you Kevin Jackson to call anyone out? What a joke.

MICK, a REAL PATRIOT who doesn't believe in circular firing squads!

Why, so they can manipulate and influence all elections and legislation in the state the way they've done so far? No thanks! We don't need more RINO politicians and NeoCon agendas!

Well said Mick.

"This is a perfect example of the elected officials LISTENING to their constituents. THAT IS THEIR JOB."

Uh, yeah, just like the puppy mill fiasco, right?

Russ, I guess you didn't see that Prop B passed by a huge margin in those areas which is why lawmakers voted for it. it was a bad strategy to focus on the politicians and not the people because the politicians have to listen to the people. We can't talk about the constitution and voting laws and then ignore them when it's convenient for us!! We have to do better!! And correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that was this particular group!

Hey Mick, you are what you spout...and it stinks.
Kevin Jackson is a star much brighter than you.

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