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David Brown (blue shirt), who did not see the initial assault? This is the witness?

I know this may sound shocking to some of you, but, you don't have to be in the camera frame to see what is happening in the camera frame. This shockingly fat woman who moves at a snail pace enters the camera frame just seconds after the fight started. She was probably within 20 feet of the fight. She could have easily witnessed the entire incident.

"Setting aside all of the peripheral evidence, the case came down to two witnesses for the prosecution stating they saw McCowan and Molens attack Gladney, versus a witness for the defense who made the claim that Kenneth started the 'fight' by slapping the hand of Elston McCowan."

That's true, if you consider the testimony from the defendants and Gladney to be peripheral evidence. The law doesn't.

By the way, if the woman testified in court, she was named. Confrontation Clause and all that. You mean that YOU don't know her name, which suggests that you don't what her testimony was either.

You're no Nancy Grace.

You can see her just a few seconds in, clearly getting to the scene after it occurred.

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