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I am happy to see someone that knows the conditions of Highway 141 come out and defend Todd Akin. Highway 141 was a very narrow two lane road that needed to expand when west St.Louis County had the population explosion. For my own selfish reasons I wish none of the roads would be expanded since it is such a hardship on the nearby property owners but government doesn't seem to care how they impact homeowners. Todd was trying to make travel time shorter for those using 141 to get to and from work, not filling his pockets.

Although I like and agree with Todd Akin, he's a lifelong politician. He really needs to go retire or go back to the private sector. He is part of the problem with our government even though he is on the good side.

I guess I'm confused. If you agree with Todd Akin and he is on the good side, how is he a part of the problem? Isn't that oxymoronic?

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