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"Could a leftist shift in the Senate have been the goal of the Missouri Republican Party?" Possibly, because I found out they cut a deal with Ryan McKenna against me when I ran in the 2010 election against McKenna and lost by a few thousand votes.

We live in Jane Cunningham's district, or should I say the one they got rid of, and are really pissed. The STL area has gone so far left it makes us wish we had the ability to leave the area. No wonder many conservatives have gone to St. Charles County where they fit in. Between Charlie Dooley and his group and now not being represented in our district it seems as if we should throw in the towel but that is what they would like us to do. Hope Jane and friends can stop this last fiasco that seems to be openly crooked in favor of the Democrats. What in heavens name were the "Republicans" thinking, clearly not things in favor for the conservatives!

There was a story after the 2010 election that kept getting taken down from the net that St.L city was to lose a seat. It was reported that it would be clay's. But Mo.'s black house and senate members went to work with rep. and threw carpahan to wolves. As one said the she was black first dem. 2nd.

St.L. keeps losing it's population, but have yet lose a seat. The same is for it's city's aldermans. Soon city officals will out number it's residents

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