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Sounds like a great event and very important to attend prior to the elections.

I suspect this whole Tea Party thing is just atoehnr spectacle being engineered by the illuminati. Illuminati, of course, being the popular way of reference to the Rockafellas and other rich bastards who, in reality, are the real power behind our American Oligarchy. What better way is there to maintain control by setting up a Hegelian dialectic in which we have the left-wing, multicultural, LGBT, socialist faction on one hand, and the right-wing, patriotic, anti-government, Tea Party/Republican faction on the other?If you choose a side, you've already lost by trapping yourself in a box where you remain locked in dialectic thinking. Nowadays people trying to abstain from either party, by labeling themselves "independent" aren't having much success either. The problem is way too big for little people like us to handle. If you read Roman history, you never hear about the common people. It's always Julius Caesar did this, or Pompey or Octavian did that. People like us won't make a noticeable difference in the flow of history. The power already all lies in the hands of a few.Of course Sarah Palin is a witless nit. And of course Obama is an overly educated tool. But why are such polarizing, and obviously retarded images being flashed in our collective faces? It's to provoke us, to steer us, to control us... to head us in a predictable and pre-determined direction. Hence, our predictable knee-jerk reactions to seeing Sarah Palin and all this Tea Party tom-foolery. They want you to react the way you are reacting... that is ineffectively. They want you to react, not ACT. All truly original ideas and initiatives - all such ideas are all crowded out... nipped in the bud and starved, before they can have a fair chance of being heard or tried, b/c of all this farcical political dialogue.Am I on the right track here? Or is this complete nonsense?

DKL, the point I make in the attached post at M* is that the tea party is the only force that is going to get the Republicans to look iosreusly at the deficit. We had six years of a Republican president and Congress, and spending went up each year. If the recent Pledge to Ameroca is any indication, the Tea Party hasn't caused the GOP to care one bit more about deficits. Maybe in two more years.I think we'll know how big of an impact the Tea Party had (or will have) in two years. If the GOP takes some control in November and actually tries to accomplish what the Tea Party want, then they'll be a huge force in 2012. Going by past elections I have a feeling these same people will be screaming about Mike Lee being a RINO in two years. Maybe there are Tea Party candidates that actually believe in this stuff, but I think it's more likely that they're going to say whatever brings the Tea Party out to vote, then it will be spending as usual. Just like there was no huge change with Obama, there will be no huge change after this election.

In fact, chances are that if “the teovrs of Utah” had actually been able to vote for Bennett in the primary elections, he would have won.I seriously doubt that. Jason Chaffetz, a relative political unknown, actually got a higher percentage of the vote against Chris Cannon (the incumbent Utah third congressional district representative) in the Republican primary than he did in convention, something like 70% to 30%. That was two years ago. And Cannon didn't have anything against him I am aware of other than support for immigration amnesty.Anyone eligible to vote in Utah can join the Republican party (even temporarily), show up at his or her local Republican caucus and participate in the selection of delegates to the state Republican convention. I was voted a delegate despite being new to the area and being unknown to three quarters of the attendees.Anyone who is in touch with the majority feeling of the party members in the local precinct has a good chance of being elected. And indeed many Bennett supporters were elected throughout the state. They just came in _third_, fair and square. It is not like Bennett has some sort of a right to a Senate seat. Any elected official who feels he has a right to more than one term really should find a new line of work. If he really doesn't like the way the local party (which chose him to as their nominee on three separate occasions) he can run as an independent next time around (or a write in this time).As to the pros and cons of Utah's caucus system, it is worth mentioning that Utah is generally recognized as one of the best governed states in the nation. One possible explanation for that is that elected county and state delegates do a good job of selecting candidates. If there is any real contest between the top two vote getters, a primary is held.

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