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I dont see how stand your ground can hold any water in this case,standing your ground is if someone is coming after you,zimmerman was told by the 911 dispatcher not to fpllow him,he initiated contact and confrontation,he brought the gun,and he fired the gun,he is clearly at fault for this tragedy,and also the police dept.,for not dealing with hjis obvious prejudice,he called 46 times in a year for suspisious blacks,sanford also dropped the ball!

going after trayvon,ignoring clear instructions not to,and carrying a weapon,knowing it was against the rules,shows malicious intent,this is not that complicated!
zimmermans intent was shown when he ignored the police..

He was carrying a legal ccw, I don't know that I as a neighborhood watch wouldn't have one as well. Especially given the criminal activity that had been going on in that neighborhood. That doesn't prove intent only fear. He was the neighborhood watch, he was supposed to be reporting suspicious activity. I didn't actually hear any racial slurs, I also only read that the dispatcher advised that she didn't "need" him to follow Trayvon, she never said he had to stop. If it actually does come out that Trayvon lost Zimmerman and then turned around and followed him and attacked him that does show intent. I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions with out any real facts. I sincerely wish for justice to be served, however I think it's going to be difficult with the media distortions that have been widely used.

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