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This president has done a countless number of things that have disgusted me to a level of disgust that I have never felt as long as I've been paying attention to politics. He brings shame to the office nearly everyday and to all the brave men and women that fought for our liberty in all military conflicts. These soldiers fought for a freedom, a country, and a system of government that shunned these type of politicians. Now we have a Chicago politician posing as a President and his style of politics goes against everything this country stands for. I'm ashamed to say that he is our President and I'm ashamed of a media that lets this President and his organization get away with the atrocities that they commit everyday all in the name of political power. I would give everything I have if I knew it would ensure he is not reelected. The things this administration does and the effects it has on our country, both present and in the future, are the kind of things I would expect an enemy of this country to do as part of a larger plan designed to destroy this country just as a Manchurian candidate is designed to do. Ask Bill Ayers what the plan is and you'll get great insight into what O'Bama's plan is.

Thank you, Mr.Engrav, for your post. Saved me much time in coming up with an equally civil post to express my thoughts on this article. I concur with your post, wholeheartedly. Come November, we can only hope the people will kick this Chicago poser back to where he came from. Again, thank you.

As the election is closing in, Obama presidency will try every trick to get favor of voters. This case of Romney's donor can be one of those. I subscribed his daily emails, and I must say, Obama tried every possible marketing gimmick to promote his campaign this year.

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