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I do not see where on that email they are soloiciting money. They invited someone that works at Cerner to an event. You Lager guys need to give up, your boy Liar I mean Lager will never win this race.


Please look at the second page of the email attachment:


There you will find that Kinder is seeking donations to his campaign. And please refrain from ad hominem's like "Liar I mean Lager".

Was the invite addressed to Cerner?

Clearly Lisa. In that "To" part of the invitation. :)

It is to someone with a cerner.com email address. You blocked out the name, so it is impossible to tell if the company or just an individual was being solicited. Second, isn't this the big story--that stimulus money goes into Lager's personal, not campaign accounts?

I have a concern regarding the email that supposedly shows that Kinder was soliciting money from Cerner. Viewing the email, it appears to be nothing but a generic email that campaigns send to people in order to inform them about things like upcoming fundraising events.

I, for one, receive countless emails from many campaigns because I am on their email lists. Moreover, I receive multiple emails a week from both presidential campaigns because, as I have explained before, I am on their lists. However, this does not mean that either candidate is personally soliciting money from me. In fact, since many people are on both campaigns’ email lists, it is not hard to fathom that both campaigns are sending emails requesting donations to members of the opposing campaign. Using the logic of this post, this would mean that the candidates are soliciting money from their opponent.

Furthermore, nowhere in the email does it mention anything to suggest that they were requesting money from a single company. If they were requesting money from Cerner, which would probably be in the thousands of dollars, the email would be a lot more sophisticated than requesting their appearance at an upcoming fundraiser. Plus, the attachment to the email proves that this was sent to multiple people because if they were personally sending it to Cerner, they would not have had multiple boxes for multiple options. Additionally, it would not make sense for the campaign to request money from a company by inviting them to a fundraiser because, obviously, companies cannot attend fundraisers. Unless the email was personally sent to Neal Patterson or another high ranking member of Cerner, which would have been mentioned in the post if this was actually the case, it is an extreme stretch to suggest that the email was attempting to solicit money from the company.

The most likely scenario is that this email was sent to a person who works at Cerner and uses their work email to get updates from political campaigns. At this point, it should be noted that this also does not count as Kinder soliciting money from Cerner. While it is fair to link the $100,000 donation made to Brad Lager’s campaign from Jeanne Patterson, Neal Patterson’s wife, to Cerner, the same logic cannot be found in this situation. This is due to the fact that Lager knew that the $100,000 was coming from income derived from Cerner getting millions from the stimulus and Obamacare. Kinder, however, has zero control over who requests to get email updates about his campaign. Unless one expects Kinder to remove people with emails that include “@cerner.com,” which would be absurd, he is not responsible for this person receiving this email. Also, unlike the $100,000 from the wife of the CEO of Cerner, the money gained from that person attending or co-hosting the fundraiser would not be enough to buy influence from Kinder.

I wish someone would Shill for Todd Akin. The only candidate running in MO race with some integrity.

Once you get burned by Dana, you realize how little it takes to get into or fall out of her good graces. Kinder, be afraid, be very afraid. Next week you could be on her hit list.....

Mamabase: Listening to the results of Ed Martin's race against Russ Carnahan spoke volumes about both Martin and Loesch. Whiners.

Katie,Most of us don’t know much about the Constitution or US history (government soclohs have done their job well in dumbing down a nation). The sad part is that the Constitution was written so that someone with limited education could read and understand it. I guess that leaves our politicians out since they can't (or won't) read it and really fail to understand it. And they went to school about the same time frame that I did and I understand it.

bill gates didn't finish colglee I guess that means Dana Loesch has a similar intelligence level as Bill Gates.Gates went to Harvard and quit to start the most successful tech company in the world. Loesch attended St. Louis Community College and then Webster University, where she dropped out because she couldn't cut it.Yes, they are very similar. lol

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