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To all who will vote in Missouri,

What has happened to this SHOW ME STATE?
The Republican Party (NOW THE RINO PARTY) in Missouri is drinking the cool aid of the national RINO party.
Todd Aikin is one of a very few conservatives still in congress and for this reason he is hated by the media and the RINO’s. Todd is also a very honorable and honest man of faith. He made a statement which was incorrect and which he has apologized for and has begged forgiveness from us voters. How many times have liberals made statements and not even mentioned by the media?
Now the so called polls are showing Clair leading Todd? GO figure, we in Missouri should vote for the CLONE OF OBAMA? HELLO!!!

Please all Missouri voters support Todd Aikin. He is a (SHOW ME) hope for taking part in returning this country back to its founding principals.


The unfortunate fact is that we cannot win with conservative votes alone, and Akin will probably lose the race for the senate. It will not help to ignore the obvious, no matter how much we wish it wasn't so.

Claire McCaskill is desperate to keep Akin in the race until the mid-Sept. deadline to remove his name from the ballot.

I don't care if Todd Akin apologizes for the next 10 years, it won't make up for the damage he will do if he stays in and loses.

Todd Akin has sincerely apologized for a wrong use of words and I think anyone who is conservative and wants a good honest person to replace Claire need to support Todd Akin instead of just trying to destroy his candidacy. Republican GOP party "Stop killing your wounded!" Go Todd, I'm supporting you all the way!

I support Todd regardless of what all the conservative/Republican biggies say. And if Todd wins, what then GOP? It'll be fun watching the contortions they'll do.

If Akin does drop out, I'll be voting for him anyway if his name is on the ballot or voting Constitution party.

I'm behind Todd Akin. If the party pushes him out they are making a very big mistake. I will NOT vote for some establishment GOP stand in. Akin made a gaffe he apologized. The GOP pile on is what took this over the top. Their behavior on one of our own has been despicable. I have e-mail Blunt and told him I will not forget his efforts to tear down a good man. Come down 2016 I will vote democrat rather than vote for a scum bag like Blunt. We had a Primary. Akin won period. If we let GOP take away our Primary, our vote then we have lost far more than Todd as our candidate.

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The party elite want Akin out. He's not in their back pocket, and doesn't fit into their overall plans. He dared give breath to the idea that maybe, just maybe, we ought to revisit the 17th Amendment, which robbed the states of a little bit of their sovereignty with the direct election of senators instead of their election by the state legislatures, passed in the dark year of 1913. He is sincere, thoughtful, and principled. He is not their puppet. Hence, he must go.

They say he can't win. This is their edict.

Okay, so he's not a reproductive medicine specialist. Mr. Jaco, with his insistent hostile badgering, got the sound bite out of Congressman Akin that the elite needed.

Over 600 K voted "GOP" in the primary. About 290 K votes were cast for Sen. McCaskill. In November 2010, 1.05 million votes were cast for Sen. Blunt; 790 K votes for his D. opponent, SOS Robin Carnahan. I think the numbers are there. If they manage to torpedo his Senate candidacy, we ought to put him up for governor, or maybe have him run in the primary against Blunt!

What I find most interesting about the Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign against Obama is that Romney was losing most of the GOP Primaries until the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) - The Mormons, church leaders instructed their millions of church members to begin attending all local political meeting. Perhaps this was so that the LDS faithful could elect each other as their states official Delegates - Republican and Democrat, and others. Romney than began sweeping the GOP elections across the country. The repercussions of this request of the Mormon faithful by the LDS church leaders will be experienced throughout the political system of the United States of America for years, if not decades to come. If the LDS church and its members do not succeed in putting a Mormon President in the White House in 2012, you can trust the LDS church and its members will persist until it does - and will probably persist at all costs.

@separate church and state, you are pretty off topic. Certainly I understand why pagans want church people to stay home, but while trying to drive a wedge between Republican voter blocks is a cute tactic, I think 24thState readers can see through your not so subtle bigotry.

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