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Missouri Right to Life, not only Eagle Forum, endorsed Roy Blunt over Chuck Purgason in 2010 (and note that the date in the article is before the MO Primary):


A pro-life endorsement, a values-driven endorsement, should be a statement by a person or organization to vouch for a candidate's stance on protecting pre-born or innocent human life. For example, a pro-life organization endorses candidates who will use their position to protect human life.

However, there are many examples of how Missouri Right to Life endorses only one candidate in a race rather then all the pro-life candidates. A bit confusing for voters.

For example, in the Secretary of State race, MRTL only endorsed Rupp even though Schoeller is as pro-life as Rupp, or more, according to MRTL's own rating.

MRTL gave Rupp these ratings in the past:

In 2010 - 86%
In 2009 - 44%
In 2008 - 25% !!
In 2007 - 29% !!


And Schoeller's ratings were higher in every year except last year:
2010 70%
2009 64%
2008 67%
2007 44%


How is a MRTL reliable, then?

A political endorsement is a statement by a person or organization in support of a candidate for a race for some political reason. (Sometimes, these endorsements are to pay back favors or are attempts to stay in favor for help when the candidate is elected.

Many big organizations give endorsements based upon Party for the general election and in primaries based upon which candidate will be the strongest candidate in the general election--to beat the other Party. The endorsement is about the "politics" of a two-party system.

One solution is for knowledgeable sources like this blog to post candidate snapshots mentioning both good points and bad points of each candidate. Most people can weigh and measure what's important to them--it's just this info really isn't easy to find because candidates only post nice stuff about themselves on their websites. I'm not suggesting mud tossing, but looking at each candidate realistically.

The MO Senate Primary is a good example. There were good points and bad points for each of the conservative candidates, but in the end, any of those candidates would have a conservative voting record in the U.S. Senate. What was difficult was thinking about who was best to take on McCaskill or be a "loud" voice in the Senate.

At least MRTL endorsed all 3 of the candidates in that race.

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