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Akins record was not why Rove & the rest tried getting him out of the race, and the rest of us pleading for him to do so. It's his own MOUTH that he trips over at a time we needed ALL HANDS ON DECK with SOUND MINDS to win the Senate. He's CLUELESS of how the female body works -- thus, should have left FEMALE QUESTIONS to be answered by his FEMALE surrogates. But Nooooo -- he had to BLABBER his chances away.
ALL candidates can say NO to the RNC/DNC power machines... and we the people are STARVING for those REFOUNDERS willing & able to do such.
They end up falling on their face when they fall into the traps of the good ole boys. STAND UP TO POWER and the people will reward them.
To claim citizens of this country are some mindless followers is an INSULT. But hey -- keep telling yourselves that -- perhaps those that believe such are followers and deserve what they get.
We pray Akin wins -- but he was a disaster in the debate, once again unable to think before sticking foot in mouth.
REFOUNDERS are NOT LOONS -- so why don't we start putting REFOUNDERS on the ballots of PRIMARIES and get the job DONE... giving DC AN ENEMA with a dose of TRUTH, HONOR & DIGNITY -- with BRAINS!
just sayin ;)

The fact that Akin has survived despite all of the opposition is amazing. He is fighting the left, the media and his own party. In fact, where are Ann Wagner and Roy Blunt? They are total establishment people who ought to have the juice to pull in any money Akin needs. Hell, Wagner could give him a million bucks and not miss it. So could Blunt. They say they are with him but hmmmm.

Serafinos: Sarah Steelman, is that you?

100% agree. Akin would be leading if not for the republican pile on. I think we will win this race. A win will be a problem for Rove and republican establishment. They are giving money to Scott Brown for God's Sake who is a liberal but can't support Akin. GEEZ

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