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I'd like to see Akin exposed for more than just his abortion opinions.
He has so much more to offer Missouri, than that.
His conservative record outshines the lethal Democrat leadership in this state by leaps and bounds.
There is more to "conservative" than one issue...much more that Missourians DO care about!
Also, Life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness...Akin spoke concerning founding principles about life, being so much more than about what are considered pro-life today.
Conservative, even those who are somewhat pro-choice, are still interested in ALL aspects of LIFE, which need to be addressed!
McCaskill is all about restricting our lives.
The contrasts need to be in focus!

On one of the conservative web sites this morning there was an interactive map showing members of congress being "vulnerable" to taking donations from foreign countries. Guess who was one of the three from Missouri. The three were McCaskill, Clay and Cleaver. What a surprise. If you think this is an over sight on their part, think again. It seems that the majority of Obama's last huge donations have come from untraceable foreign donors, also.

I think Akin will win. Most MO don't give a crap about Akin's 6 sec flap. We care about getting rid of ObamaCare and getting our debt under control. Most important we care about our constitution and our liberty slipping away. I think MO voters understand what is at stake.

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