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They need to shut down all the puppy mills!!!!!! The people who own those puppy mills need to go out and earn their living off the sweat of their own hard labor. Not off the cruelty of the puppy mill industry and their caged victims!

I am still reading the article, and came across the comment on shutting down puppy mills....shut them down so they can be killed by the Humane Society anyway?
In our county, the Humane Society secretly kept good horses that were stolen and found, in order to sell them.
Peta itself kills most of the animals they"rescue".
And good breeders are being shut down by finding the most minimal of problems, as a reason to do so...
a possible scenario I have heard of, is a piece of dog food made its way to the water bowl unnoticed.
Yet the biggest offenders are left alone.
The people who are in charge of the fiasco, are insane fanatics, who put their seeming love for animals, above human life...and capitalism.
I also wonder, how many sell expensive puppy breeds that have been confiscated, in order to profit.
It's worth looking into.
There have been laws already on the books, concerning puppy "mills", that needed enforcement, NOT radical, free reign by NUTS!
Missourians were sold emotional LIES on legislation, which NEVER had fair scrutiny!

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