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The Missouri Republican party needs to get its ass in gear. How can we be 15 point favorites for Romney and yet the Ds in this state keep winning big races? Answer: Obama spent zero money here and the Ds had huge big labor money and work.

Here's an idea for how to shove the Democrat's own rhetoric back in their faces while also getting the core of the RTW message out:
An ad and slogan campaign such as:

"Be Pro-Choice: Support Right-To-Work" or

"Be Pro-Rights: Support Right-to-Work"

I've just always found it very strange and telling that the only 'right' the Dems and their supporters are never screaming for is whether to choose if you pay a 3-rd party to be 'allowed' to work.

So...the union's spend money on the political process and it is wrong? Yet the CEOs and corps and banks can spend money and it's ok? Seems like you are complaining about the little guys trying to play the game that was set up by the big guys. Also I imagine there are enough of those joe six pack union workers that are laid off to work those phones. Stop blaming the average guys for the bad stuff going on, and start placing the blame where it belongs. CEOs and politicians caused our mess.

If you really think unions are the "average guys" you haven't been paying attention. The unions give money to politicians who are against everything most union members actually favor.

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