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This election is SO clear. This tool is awesome. I already bookmarked DW-Nominate.

Todd is an embarassment and while his comments were bad enough, his apology was pathetic. Do you really believe that this a-hole will be affective? While many would agree that a Republican in the MO Senate would be nice, TODD IS NOT THE MAN! How selfish and stupid was he to not bow out like a man for the good of the party? SOB cost the Republican party my vote... Thanks Todd, you tiny excuse for a man. Anyone but Todd!

And here a thought. When legitimate rape does result in pregnancy and the legitimate rapist is found, how about ordering that the rapist pay the VICTIM's bills for the rest of her life? And her child's of course since thanks to your brilliant apology, it MAY result in pregnancy! Congrats Todd on being so entertaining in the late night comedy circuit. That's where you need to stay! I really hope you know more about manufactured missiles on the Armed Forces committee than the one you (maybe?) have in your pants!

Nice try pretending to be an R. A sincere R would be over it and would not go postal on the entire party for the actions of one man-troll.

You also ignore the entire point of the post, that McCaskill is into your rights and mine and Akin would leave you alone. Only a partisan, big gov lefty would be unmoved by that. Run along, lefty.

Murphy, The half truth is a damnable lie. Have you no independent thought? How about actually reading what he said? To spout the damn lie that he ever said or meant that rape is ever legitimate is vicious and vile. Anyone who holds that line is either a pure partisan agitator or a dolt.

Unbind your panties and go play with your red diaper friends.

Well guys, I have independent thought, no red diapers, and am amazed that anyone can say that Todd would leave me alone or that I spouted a lie. I will remain above personal attacks on you and just leave it at this. Todd legislated based on his view of women's bodies and their abilities. I saw the interview and the apology so if that makes me a dolt, then so be it. I am not in any way abandoning the party but believe firmly that the R party can only be served by someone who would be respected by the team and felt that the good of the team outweighed the good of the one. We are not electing a priest but a Senator. We each have are own relationships with God and not everyone even believes in God (I do, but don't want it legislated by Todd). I'll pray for you and your tunnel vision. Try to keep it clean and objective, not personal attacks on another American. I thought freedom of speech and choice were part of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not yours to destroy.

Your softening tone is clever by half. You were shredding Akin for his speech and attacking the GOP for association. Now you wave a flag of truce and civility and offer to pray for my tunnel vision. Rich.

I did not even support Akin in the primary as I thought he had no chance. I know him for his flaws.

Your lie is still insisting on pushing the lie that Akin said rape was legitimate. His reference was to an actual rape versus someone who claimed rape when pregnant from a consensual act, like a Tawana Brawley. He never said violent rape is ever legitimate, so by accusing him of that you are lying.

I have no ability or desire to destroy your speech. If I did, I would suggest the site moderator pull down your remarks. I think they are more powerful where they are, discrediting the left.

You clearly are speaking without reading when you say Todd will not leave you alone, when clearly the facts show McCakill - Obamacare alone - is the one seeking to control you.

I have no idea what you are trying to say about "teams" and "priests"and God. That is simplistic regurgitation of pointless dribble.

This election is not about any of the distractions you throw out, it is about who will vote to control you and the objective fact (whether you care to be confused by that or not) is that you are wrong about Akin, the data proves it, and tunnel vision is the inability to consider plain data and reconsider one's position.

The reality is that Akin's ideas about abortion would have never done any harm in the Senate. There simply are not enough like minded fools in that organization. They would never have passed an anti-abortion bill. That notion is too far from the center of MO political sentiment.

But Akin might have been useful in restraining economic foolishness. It likely would have been safer to let him serve one term and then find a better candidate the next election cycle. But in the meantime he is making Republicans looks like morons.

Has anyone considered the posability that Akin got the campaign funds to outdistance his primary competition from McCaskil herself. If so, it was a brilliant stroke. That little bit of cash would allow her to run against a deeply wounded opponent in Akin. She likely knew he would blow himself up before long.

I am reading your post day after election and we have 6 yrs of liberal McCaskill instead of a conservative who would have voted to repeal O-Care. Thanks for nothing MO voters your stupidity is unsurpassed. You went for Romney but voted down the line against republicans in every way that could make a difference. I hope you all LOVE ObamaCare and the ruin of our economy.

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