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Where I can certainly understand the evils of socialism, you should also speak of the evils of unregulated capitalism, some of which we have recently witnessed first hand, and are still suffering under. I certainly hope all out socialism(which is different than communism) doesn't take hold in these states, also I would imagine that before any such death camps be implimented they would certainly want to take our guns away. An armed populous is one of the things they would be extremely wary of.

First, "unregulated capitalism" does not exist because the markets regulate capitalism. You either have market regulation or government regulation. Socialism holds the view that government can regulate the markets just enough and not amass so much power they become Communist. Starting with socialism is part of the communist playbook. That is why true patriots fight creeping socialism and giving government more power.

Yet here we are...whether the regulations are simply not enforced or lacking, we have had and continue to have unethical and illegal activity in our markets. The very politicians we elect have engaged in insider trading, unscrupulous traders are counterfeiting stocks, and corps are manipulating books and trashing companies at investors expense. I wish unregulated markets would work, but I fail to see how when politicians will bail out those considered too big to fail. The idea that the markets will regulate themselves is fools gold, look at Goldman Sachs and their ongoing legal battle with overstock.com, look at what happened to Bear Sterns, Lehman, look at Bernie Madoff, look at Tyco and Worldcom, look at the Western Energy crisis. There must be some guiding laws and regulations, just like in society, or lawlessness will reign. Perhaps I am simply a fool, if so, then by all means point me to the proper links to read about how it will work.

Let me say first, that I am glad to see you paying attention to the evils of Goldman Sachs, particularly regarding overstock. Not that I am against all regulation, but you will find that so many of the Wall Street evils are enabled by the regulations ostensibly designed to limit them. Too big to fail?

What you have now is the companies with powerful lobbies writing rules and regulations that benefit them to the detriment of the little guys-Mercantilism. We would be far better off throwing out all of the regulations for a while and letting the market truly work.

The status quo is terrible but socialism-government ownership and fascism-government "partnering" with business (which is the model Obama appears to favor) are two worse models. So I vote to regulate less, not more. You may trust DC politicians to create Dodd-Frank with your and my best interest in mind, but I do not. Who do you think was the first to say "Never let a crisis go to waste"?

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