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The other reason firfighters all over St. Louis spend so much on Monarch races is that the union in every other district can point to Monarch as a justification to request more pay, I really appreciate sharing this great post, Keep up your work.

I challenge everyone to search for the truth. The truth is, is that Monarch is not the highest paid District in the municipal area. They aren't even the highest paid in west county. Top 5? No! Top 10? Not even.
$100,000 for eight 24 hour shifts? No. Wages are based on working 2,612 hours per year. Please do the math. That equals out to be 56 hours per week. Yes, there are vacations; everyone inside of a career gets them. Please look at the proper information.
Check the meeting minutes and see if Kim Evans took the health care allotted to her. She, nor anyone on the board has used their benefit to health insurance.
Do you know why the legal fee's were so high for so long? Monarch directors budgeted over 10x's the amount of legal fees that any other west county department budgeted. Why? Director Gans and Director Sleet needed this to protect themselves from personal litigation. From Director Sleet using district health care for plastic surgery to Director Gans allowing a discrimination suit go to trial instead of fixing the problem on his watch. Those are the real reasons the legal bills are so high.
And there is so many more examples.
How dare anyone challenge the career of a firefighter/paramedic and the the choice they made to protect the citizens they serve. Just because they are a public employee does not mean they automatically should have a bullseye on their back. Stop by and talk to them. Get to know them. Ask them for help. You might have a whole new outlook on who they are.

The board will not put the bond issue on the ballot this time. There quieston if they did it would not have a chance to pass and the two board members were well aware of that. At the present time there is no public apathy for the present board and the cappers that they have put over the heads of the taxpayers of the Monarch Fire Protection District. After the firings of the four chief officers which Chief Fred Goodson took his life the community will never back that type of conduct of any elective official. As long as this board is in office myself and neighbors will never vote on any issues that they put before the voters of the Monarch Fire District.

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