Ladies and Gentlemen: Gina’s Book Launches Del Mar Horse Racing Opening Day

Ok, shameless plug for my best girl. Please link it, “like” it, tweet it or otherwise share it, because the fruit of Gina’s labor of love is born today. When the publisher, AMG established today as the date, who knew there would be so much excitement in San Diego surrounding the opening day of the 75th anniversary of the races at the Del Mar .

So when the bugler plays “Call to the Post” at Del Mar, you won’t see Seabiscuit, but you may see Gina, probably on her phone doing one of about 20 radio interviews today regarding the book she co-authored with Dr. Dathan Paterno, Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor.

“Dr. Gina and Dr. Dathan Paterno open a groundbreaking window to a world of chivalry, manners, and decorum that our younger generation has never visited and, indeed, has never even heard described. The feminists have repeatedly manifested a particular animosity toward the word “lady.” But this remarkable book puts male and female behaviors in proper focus, historically, biblically, and in contemporary relationships.”

Pamela Geller adds,

“Gina Loudon and Dathan Paterno diagnose the political contro- versies of our age magnificently, rightfully perceiving them as symptoms of a much deeper malady. The unique and profoundly perceptive cures they prescribe are right on target. If the analyses in this book are heeded, our country will be on track to regain the position of preeminence that it once won not by force of arms, but by the power of ideas and the ladies and gentlemen who exemplify them.”

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About the book:

Ladies and Gentlemen studies the history of the terms that once elevated the ideal woman and man and illuminates how the structure of Western society established and maintained the virtues. In contrast, the book demonstrates how three movements—atheism, liberalism, and radical feminism—undercut these ideals, especially in the 20th Century. Rather than a dry history lesson, readers will understand the crucial contributions of government, family, literature/media, and churches in producing a culture that either esteems or debases the best of each gender.

Ladies and Gentlemen draws aggressive battle lines in today’s culture war, pressing Christians and conservatives to value all people, cherish manners, humility, and graciousness, and esteem virtue above self. It directly challenges politicians and media
personalities to honor and reflect a culture of honor, as well as calling all conservatives to reward public figures who exhibit these
traits, while rebuking or rejecting those who do not. The book exemplifies several public figures on both ends of the political spectrum who engender the traits of the lady or gentleman, as well as several who clearly fail.

Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen paints a portrait of modern civility, proving that women can be warriors without burning bras and men can be tough without smoking Marlboros on horseback. It instructs parents how to raise their own children to be ladies and gentlemen. Incorporating Biblical principles and an awareness of modern day challenges, it boosts parents’ ability to navigate the
murky waters of today’s culture.