We’ve covered this ground before, but the St. Louis Post Disgrace has decided to throw their support behind Chris Koster with smears of Ed Martin that have already been debunked. Here’s a convenient round up of our previous coverage

Part 1: Memogate: A political stunt by Koster and Nixon

Part 2: Why is there no evidence showing Eckersley to be a whistleblower?

Part 3: Eckersley: condemn’s himself as tardy, exhausted, and working for others

Part 4: Eckersley was also insubordinate

Apparently, the Post Disgrace is hoping to burnish Koster’s image with North St. Louis by smearing Ed Martin as a racist. I think this will come back to haunt them:

“… every friggin’ developer can figure out who is illegal,” Mr. Martin said. “There’s a bunch of Mexicans out there, I guess some of them are probably not legal.”

Again, we reiterate his need for effective advertising here.

“See brown people. Round up brown people. Ed Martin. Tough on crime.” That’s quite a slogan.

Really? That’s just amazing. The editorial board of the Post Disgrace has just kicked-off Black History Month with a February 1st racial smear of Ed Martin.