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Fire District Hijinks Create Titanic Battle
It has long been the goal of 24tState to be an independent source of breaking news and information with a special focus on equipping voters with specific tactics to act civicly in their own best interest which we can do because we are insiders. Key among these interests is the local fire district elections. The latest occurrence in a crucial race is something we have never seen before but one that is likely a harbinger of things to come.

See the following from an email blast by a taxpayer group in the Monarch Fire District reporting that voters in these normally low key races will see two prominent Republican names square off. All taxpayers need to pay attention to this because there is a simple logic behind the madness.

Yesterday the Monarch Fire Board race went from a four-way contest to a conventional race between two opponents. Current Union Director Lim Evans and recent Union recruit Russell Lake both withdrew from this election, leaving only Union Candidate Cole McNary and Independent Jane Cunningham. We believe the Union strategy shifted when Rick Gans withdrew from this race last week and was replaced with the popular Cunningham. Gans tells us he is not surprised by Evans’ withdrawal as he was shocked she even filed given her record of tax increases and support of billing residents for ambulance service. Apparently Lake, a protégé of Union Director Swyers, decided he was not ready to do battle in this election.