During the GOP presidential primary, many of us bemoned the lack of a perfect candidate which lead someone to suggest “Newt’s Brain for President”. Hilarious! So many of us had issues with him, but his rhetorical skills are in a class by themeselves. So thinking about how badly Republicans up and down the party structure have handled the Akin issue, I had this wishful thought. What would Newt have said about Akin, were he the nominee.

“You know, I disagree with what Akin said about rape and pregnancy. I think he has his facts wrong on Images-1 the science, and I disagree with him, but….
For the President of the United States to stoop to the level of character assassination that he did and suggesting that a sitting member of Congress in any way suggested that rape was sometimes legitimate is inexcusable and way beneath the dignity of the office. That kind of character assassination is to be expected from consultants and operatives, but for the President, the one who is supposed to unite Americans, to be so divisive as to invent a supposed “Republican war on women” and then twist a man’s words way beyond what he was clearly trying to say, to fit that derisive narrative is something he should be ashamed for doing. And if he is not ashamed, that is because you guys, in the fawning media refuse to vet this guy and hold him accountable. That is shame to you.

More from what I wish Romney has the cajones to say:
If we are going to accuse anyone of implying there are “legitimate rapes” how about turning your guns away from Akin, the father of two daughters (and four sons) who is probably one of the cleanest members to ever serve in Congress, and look at Clinton and the Kennedy family, the ones the left holds up as the greatest defenders of women.”