Why are you running?

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I am running for this seat because I do not agree with the current direction of County Council, and feel other members need an additional & strong common sense voice. I am running, in general, to safeguard public dollars & property rights, stop corruption and prevent new taxes.

What is your legislative agenda?

1) Prevent any further incremental merging of County departments with those in City without a vote of the people.

2) Fiscal notes (price tags at  must be attached to all legislation before voting. How can we prioritize our expenses and budget our money if we don’t know costs?

3) Request the State Auditor to audit all County Departments. Any problems identified from such an audit can and must be dealt with immediately.

4) A Personal/Company Financial Disclosure (Contractual Relationship Disclosure) for businesses  and contractors must be submitted along with quotes for goods & bids for services before County can award contracts. This will help curtail fraud, embezzlement and favors. As a candidate, I had to submit such a form to ensure my position, if won, would not present a conflict of interest and/or risk favors given or received as a result of my position. Contractors and suppliers should not be treated any differently. Given the recent & many scandals, I am disappointed the Council has not already addressed this.

5) Prohibit Councilmen from accepting campaign contributions from developers and then voting on their developments. This is part of the pay-to-play system.

6) Host Town Hall Meetings once per quarter (4 times per year) to encourage citizen input as to the general direction of the County.

7) Change the Council Meeting time to 7:00 PM to encourage more citizen participation in addressing the Council. The Council works for citizens and so should be available when more working citizens are available, after work.

8) Post all legislation online at least one week prior to voting, including Fiscal Notes, so citizens will see what is being decided. This also eliminates the need for a county employee to respond to individual requests for legislation. It also promotes real transparency.

9) Post online all money paid to Public-Private Partnerships (publicly funded yet privately run businesses), including position titles and salary information.

10) No Victim–No Crime, therefore No Jail Tim: Prohibit jail time for failure to pay court costs and fines for violations and minor offenses  Such practice creates more of a problem than it solves given those sentenced to a jail term are often sentenced to a life lacking gainful or sufficient employment. Background checks are the norm and probation or conviction for inability to pay fines constructively excludes people from potential employment. It has been found to be a violation of the 14th Amendment. I thought America gave up Debtor’s Prison over 150 years ago.